My approach

Tutorials are at my home in Woburn Sands. We work at the kitchen table which looks out onto my beautiful  wildlife garden, with Merry the Spanish Water Dog dozing on her bed beside us.

The student and I are equal partners, and we work out between us what they most need help with. I prefer not to give them a big test at the start. I will have prepared some exercises for us to look at together,  and by observing closely and interacting as we work, I can see where they are tending to slip up, where they are puzzled, which topics they have covered or missed, or not yet encountered. I can also see their strengths, and this helps me to think about how best to focus our study in order to maximise their exam performance.

My whole emphasis is on tailoring our work to your child’s interests and needs. When you call me about your child, I will want to know a bit about them – for example what really fires their enthusiasm – so that this can find a place in the way that we study maths. I will also need to know which exam board they are studying, and at what level, so that I can draw on the appropriate past exam papers.

Maths changes over the years – the topics that are taught and the way they are explained and applied, the techniques that are used,  the language that is used.

In general I aim to fit in with the way that your child is taught at school, though there are likely to be occasions when explaining something from another angle can help to embed a deeper understanding, and to build  confidence and enthusiasm.

My priority is that your child will find their tutorials affirming, effective and enjoyable.

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